Screw conveyors (TPS)

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The charge/discharge hole is customized according to the order of a customer.
We offer additional equipment, e.g. dividers and bolts as well.
In case of aggressive materials, the conveyors are produced in an acid-resistant version.

In order to choose the optimal parameters of the conveyor, provide the following basic data:

kind of transported material and its properties (e.g. granulation, charging density, grindability, humidity, etc.),
• way of charging the conveyor (e.g. gravitational from the charging hopper or continuous with the use of a belt conveyor etc.),
• throughput,
• distance between the charge and discharge, and the dimensions of connecting flanges,
• specific conditions in the environment, e.g. a high temperature or dusting.

In case of replacing the conveyor with a new ones, apart from the above-mentioned data, the following additional parameters of the conveyor being replaced should be provided:

screw diameter, type and skip,
• drive power and revolutionsAre used for transporting bulk, dusty and fine-grained materials. Transport is usually conducted horizontally or at the angle of approximately 20 degrees.

Depending on the transported material, different kinds of srews are used:

• riffle,
• blade,