Bucket conveyors (TPK) VERTICAL

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parameters of the conveyor, state the following basic data:

kind of transported material and its properties (e.g. granulation, charging density, grindability, humidity, etc.)
• throughput
• transport altitude between the charge and wysypem, and the dimensions of connecting flanges
• specific conditions in the environment, e.g. high temperature or dusting

In case of replacing the conveyor with a new ones, apart from the above-mentioned data, the following additional parameters of the conveyor being replaced should be provided:

diameter of the drums
• bucket dimensions and belt width
• drive power and revolutionsBucket conveyors (elevators) are intended to be used for the vertical transport of bulk and fine- and medium-grained materials.
Non-suitable for the transport of sticky and slow-charging materials.
The material is collected into the buckets (scoops) by collecting from the bottom of the conveyor or charging from the charge hole.
Removing the material takes place in the upper part of the conveyor through the discharge hole with the use of gravitational (gravitational conveyor) or centrifugal forces (centrifugal conveyor).
The buckets are used in a welded version in accordance with the Polish standard.