Belt conveyor (TPT) WITH STEEL BELT

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The conveyors of this type are used for transport in process lines in which transported material is subjected to various processes, e.g. of rinsing and drying, and cooling and thermal treatment. As a transport connector, steel, plastic or rust-proof belts in the form of netlike belts of varied weave patterns and sizes. Chosen individually depending on the transported material and the process which it is subjected to.
Conveyors with a netlike belt are usually in a flat horizontal version, but we produce other shapes broken at various angles as well. In case of larger angles, a netlike belt features steel drivers. The installation of belts depends on the conducted process. In case of cooling the material, the conveyor works in a tank with a belt partly submerged in water.

• the belt is more resistant to higher temperatures and adverse conditions in the environment,
• less wear in comparison with typical rubber or plastic belts,
• better belt control due to the use of chains.