Roll conveyor STATIONARY

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Roll conveyors are used for transporting items, parcels, bags etc.

We produce three main types of conveyors:

without a drive,
• without a drive, gravitational and inclined at a small angle,
• with a drive,
And also additional arch modules and elevated modules in places where passage is required.
Rolls for a conveyor are made of steel or with a plastic coat. In turn, the conveyor construction is made of cold-bent sections.
We offer additional manufacturing options, such as e.g. height and angle adjustment, speed regulationinverters and additional adjustable barriers as well.
In case of aggressive materials, conveyors are produced in an acid-resistant version.

In order to choose the parameters of a conveyor, state the following data:

the kind of transported material, dimensions and specific weight
• additional properties of the material, such as sharp edges, non-typical shape, dustiness,
• throughput,
• transporting distance and height of the conveyor from the support to the upper surface of the roll,
• specific conditions in the environment, e.g. high temperature or dusting,
• type of conveyor and additional options
In case of replacing the conveyor with a new ones, apart from the above-mentioned data, the following additional parameters of the conveyor being replaced should be provided:

diameter, length and spacingof rollers,
• height of the conveyor,
• in case of conveyors with drives, drive power and revolutions